Having put my diabetes and depression into remission through diet and exercise, I am very keen to spread the word that it is not only possible but is very definitely achievable.​​

I have spent many years suffering from diabetes and depression. I just accepted that that was my lot, and that there was very little likelihood of ever being able to do anything about it. Yes, I was vaguely aware that overeating and living a sedentary lifestyle wasn't helping, but no one actually forcefully explained to me that the solution is relatively straightforward. I say 'forcefully' because the combination of my lifestyle being ingrained and the effects of depression making it very difficult for anything to creep in to my dulled consciousness meant that nothing short of a sledgehammer approach would have had any effect.

Though, having said that, what did change my lifestyle and health was something totally inconsequential. I just made a casual decision without any build up, planning or thought. I just did it. So the decision was simple and straightforward. 

Putting it into practice was also simple and straightforward. I just did it, again without trying to delve in to what it might entail. I just gave up drinking. I just went to a gym and asked them what I should do. I just made up a number of calories that I thought would allow me to lose a bit of weight.

I just did the same thing day after day. One day, not very long after I started, I noticed that I was losing a little bit of weight. So I just carried on, and the weight continued to go. Eventually I noticed I was getting a bit fitter. After three months I went for a diabetic check up and I was told that my diabetes was turning a corner. At this point I found myself becoming quite enthused about the whole thing and I wanted to do it more strongly. I discovered that the more I did, the more I was able to do.


And so, here I am.​ ​No diabetes, no depression. No massive weight. No more being unfit.  Just being very healthy and happy.


So I have a new gaol: I want to help others to do what I have done. To that end, I have signed up with Diabetes UK to be a motivational speaker with them. The BBC contacted them as they were making a programme about the massive negative impact diabetes is having on the NHS, and to ask them if there was anyone who had positively affected their diabetes without involving the NHS that they could interview and show on the programme. My name came up, and the programme, Inside Out West, went out on BBC1.


​I have also appeared on ITV and on BBC Radio Somerset , BBC Radio Wiltshire and Taunton Tone FM, and the Somerset County Gazette have written some articles about me.


If you would like to contact me about what I have done and if you think I might be be able to help you or someone you know, please contact me on the Comments and Contact page, or email me at david@ninetothesky.com.

How I did it

How I Did It