February 18, 2018

July 23, 2017

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How to not feel anything except pain

December 21, 2016

Diabetes is not great. It's become so common now, and those who have it can have no noticeable symptoms for such a long time that people aren't aware just how difficult and dangerous it can be.


One particularly nasty consequence is something called diabetic neuropathy. It affects a diabetic's extremities - like feet. They can become contradictably simultaneously very painful, and insensitive. Because of the lack of feeling, it means that feet can become damaged by sharp objects or excessive heat, and the sufferer can be unaware of it. It comes about because the nerve endings become damaged. It is exacerbated by excessive alcohol consumption.


There is no known treatment for it, although the  pain can sometimes be alleviated by anti depressants (weirdly), chilli paste (even more weirdly), and acupuncture can help. But, basically, once you have it, you are lumbered with it for life. 


I left my diabetic recovery just a little bit too late. Although I have reversed my diabetes by exercise and giving up alcohol, due to the very long time I had it, and due to my alcoholism, neuropathy has attacked me. It's not fun.



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