February 18, 2018

July 23, 2017

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Weight is flexible

January 3, 2017


One of the unavoidable (to me) consequences of Christmas is the opportunity to eat too much and to exercise too little. Having spent all of last year succeeding in losing lots of weight and getting very healthy, this is not a good thing. But I have learnt that weight is a very flexible thing: it's very easy to put it on and it's very straightforward to get rid of it. At least I know that that is the theory.


Being excessive at Christmas is an ideal opportunity to see if it works in practice. I am pleased to say that, yes, it does work for me. Between 22nd December and 1st January I put on about half a stone. So on the 2nd January, I deliberately ate much less, and worked out very hard at the gym, and managed to lose four pounds. I have always believed that to control your weight you just need scales, and something to record the number of calories you have used up through activity and the calories you have consumed. Using my Fitbit, I learnt that on the 2nd I consumed 1562 calories and I lost 3624. Losing 2000 calories in a day is equal to 4lbs. I will carry on doing this for the rest of the week, by which I will be back at my target weight.Yes, it does require a certain amount of dedication to realise that, but that commitment does come with practice.


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