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Dunu DN-2000J in ear earphones

January 31, 2017



Let's face it, when pounding away in the gym, anything to detract from the monotony is helpful. I like listening to music. There are various types of earphones: over ear and in ear, wired and wireless. I prefer in ear - much less cumbersome, and generally I prefer wireless because it allows more freedom of movement. But this, the wired Dunu DN-2000J is remarkable value for money.  While not cheap, the sound that they produce is equal to earphones several times their price.


The first thing that struck me about the Dunu was the packaging. I don’t normally comment on packaging mainly because there usually isn’t much to say about it. But Dunu have really gone to town here. It’s some of the highest quality I have come across. Great graphics, well thought out presentation, and very high quality materials.



They have been unusually generous with what you get. There is one of those double jack airline plugs, a metal clip, a manual, a very impressive silver (colour) case, and the biggest selection of ear tips that I have come across. There really ought to be one to suit anyone. In addition to all that, there also a number of spacers that prevent the eartips from going all the way down the nozzle, theoretically allowing the tips to go further down your ear. I say theoretically because I can't see that it makes any difference.


I have found that they stay in my ears very securely and they are very comfortable. They can be worn hanging down from your ears, but if you prefer the over ear mode, and if you want even more stability, you get a selection of ear hooks and fins. 


The cable is of a thick rubberised material that feels tough and is unlikely to tangle – or at least very much. I just have to look at a cable for it to end up in a complete mess, but I'm very hopeful about this.


They have three drivers. There are two balanced armatures to handle the mids and highs and a dynamic driver for the lows. All work well. The mids are well presented, and the lows capture the bass sounds as they should be; not overpowering, but very definitive. You also get a plastic ring to cover the vent for the dynamic driver if you want a more committed bass sound. It boosts the bass but not in a bass head way. It just strengthens it. The highs might be a bit contentious. They are perhaps a bit overstated, but, fortunately amongst the plethora of eartips supplied are a selection of genuine foam Complys. Using these manages to tame the perhaps rather overpronounced highs.


You can have endless hours of fun with all the supplied bits and pieces to manipulate the sound to your satisfaction. When you get it right, these are superb.



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